Bill Bone Art Kit

Kit by Bill Bone

Background (history)

This is Kit Rothwell, who I used to work with. In late 2009 I asked if he would mind being the subject of my next portrait and he was over my flat that evening posing for pictures.

I began the painting in December 2009 although I put it to one side in January to work on a piece for the Welsh Assembly Government Art competition (which ended up winning!). I started work on Kit again in September 2010

Background (the space next to Kit)

I've always been conscious of how I should treat my backgrounds. How does my technique apply to empty space? I took some inspiration from Klimt on this one, I love the backgrounds to his portraits (which are stunning yet often overlooked I feel). I essentially painted it as normal (no dots) then added just a few coloured dabs on top. Adding fewer dots to the background than to the subject I think helps create some space. I will probably continue this technique with future pieces.

More dots = pretty

I've no idea the DPI (dots per inch) ratio for my paintings, but I'm sure if I did that this one's ratio would dwarf all previous paintings. I made more of an effort this time to use more colours and more layers, to push the fundamental element as far as possible. Continuos addition of coloured dabs which can create a consistent tone until they no longer add value.

Conclusion: Best. Painting. yet.

Some pictures

Details of Kit by Bill Bone

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